Company and Award Sashes

There’s no better way to uphold cultural pride and ethnical roots than wearing a specially customized Graduation Stole!

Fraternity Stoles

There’s something about our cultural and ethnical roots that make us proud wherever we go. Especially when we achieve something, like Graduations, our pride coming from our ethnic roots echoes throughout the walls.

To make that pride known, get your very own customized Graduation stole that will represent your cultural origins. Now is your time to shine!

More designs, styles and colors

Our stoles are fully customiztable with any art (like flags and logos).

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Great discounts for bulk or wholesale orders.

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Are you ready to make your graduation stole!

Create your own Stole

Why order from allows you to freely customize your Graduation stole in many different ways. Choose between different colors, trims, length and cut. Plus, you can get your own art (be it a colorful logo or flag) imprinted on your Stole to show off your cultural and ethnic roots that you are always proud of.

About is a subsidiary of Apparel Group. We have been in the business of providing high quality stoles and sashes with custom embroidery, screen printing, custom transfers for over 8 years. We use only the finest heavyweight bridal satin for all our stoles and every stole is fully lined whether it is in stock or a custom order.

Our customer base of graduation and religious stoles includes all greek and fraternal organizations, colleges, universities and church organizations such as choirs and clergy. Our custom stole generator will make it easy for you to create the design and look you want. Be creative and build your custom stole any way you would like, you can now build your custom sash anyway you like.

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