Graduation Stole Color Meaning

Graduation Stole Color Meaning

Graduation is an exciting time. You get to wear a graduation gown, however the gowns would be uninteresting without colorful graduation stoles. It is a common practice for schools to implement the usage of the colors of the school. Therefore, a school that has the colors of gold and red may decide to order customized stoles that are made of satin in the color gold with the addition of some embroidery in the color red.

With the progression of time, a solid tradition in regard to colors has evolved. This means that various colors are associated with particular types of studies. As a result, the majority of educational institutions choose to use this type of tradition when selecting the colors of their stoles for their graduation ceremonies. Also, the colors are applied when students are being honored for completing degrees that are at the advanced level. In this case, the students wear hoods with colors that depict the field of study as well as the alma mater.

There are some distinctions in the colors that represent the diversified majors of studies. When it comes to newer fields of study, new colors are added as well. Here we mention colors that you can anticipate for stoles and hoods that depict the many types of majors of students.

Typically, the color white is applied to depict degrees that are related to the humanities as well as the arts. Thus, students who completed studies in literature, history or English would wear a stole that is white.

The color beige depicts studies in business. This color also is applied for studies in labor relations along with accounting.

Maize is a bright yellow color like corn. It naturally is a great option that provides representation in agricultural studies.

Kelly green which is interestingly bright is applied to represent completed studies in medicine and health care. Sage green is used for studies in physical science. Olive green is the color that is selected for pharmacy studies. On the other hand, studies in public health are represented by the color salmon and studies in nursing are represented by the color apricot.

The color lilac allows dentists to showcase their distinction apart from medical students. As a result, there is no need for dentists to wear green when they have the opportunity to wear a pleasant lilac color.

It is the traditional practice for orange to be worn on the stoles of students who completed studies in engineering. While it is realized that there are different types of engineering, the color orange is applied to all of them.

Scarlet and purple
For many years, the color scarlet had been used to identify the completion of studies in the field of law. Theology is also depicted with the usage of the color scarlet. Therefore, it is quite common for the color purple to now be used to make a distinction for the study of law from the study of theology.

It cannot be denied that copper is the ideal color to use for studies in economics. This is due to this color being the same color as one cent, which correlates to the fact that economics is based on dealing with issues that are related to money.

Fine arts is a broad field with many different specialties. Thus, brown is applied for fine arts, such as visual arts as well as theater arts. Sometimes architecture is defined with the usage of the color brown. But some educational institutions classify architecture along with city planning studies and urban studies, which means that the color then to depict architecture that is selected is a type of blue-violet shade.

Silver is designated to showcase the completion of studies in linguistics and speech. However, studies in chiropractics are also depicted by the color silver.

The color crimson is applied solely to indicate the completion of studies in journalism. No other form of study applies this color.

Gray is the color that is chosen to represent studies in veterinary science. This is an ideal color for this field of study, as many animals that these veterinary graduates will care for will likely have lovely gray fur.

Russet is a good representative color for those who complete studies in environmental science as well as forestry. This is because this color is the same shade as the bark on the trees of a dense forest.

♦ Lemon yellow
In order to depict the completion of studies related to library science, lemon yellow is the color that is used for this occasion.

Golden yellow
The golden yellow color is the choice for the representation of studies that are completed in science. This means that those who complete studies in criminology will wear the golden yellow color on their stoles, as this is an area of study that is classified as a type of science. In addition, those who completed studies in physics or chemistry, which are part of the field of science, will also wear golden yellow. Furthermore, this color also represents studies that are related to math.

The color that is chosen for portraying the completion of studies in social work as well as similar areas of study is noted as being citron. It has a citrus type of appeal.

Pink will add a lot of flare to distinguish the completion of studies in music.

Dark blue
Dark blue is a serious color. That is why it is an appropriate selection to indicate the completion of studies in philosophy as well as political science.

When you are wondering about the color that should be applied for your stole at graduation.

Perhaps your educational institution may already have set forth policies about the colors that must be used for the stoles of students at graduation. This may also be the case if you have been selected to be the valedictorian.

But if you are able to select the colors that you want for your stole, you may decide to implement the usage of the colors of your school. Or you may decide to select the colors that portray the type of study that you completed. If you have a certain color that you really like, then you can decide to use that color as well to celebrate your special graduation. You may want to have the logo of your fraternity embroidered on your stole. If you are graduating from military service, you may choose to display your special achievements on your stole. The possibilities are truly endless, which is why it is so exciting to be able to create your own custom stole.

Our company has much experience in regard to making beautiful stoles for students who are graduating. We offer many interesting styles and a wide selection of colors. You will be able to have the exact kind of stole that you desire. The stoles that we make are durable and high quality. The stole will be a wonderful keepsake in honor of your achievements. Contact us now in order to get a truly awesome stole that you will be proud of.
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