Collection: Choir Stoles - Church Choral Stoles

Collection: Choir Stoles - Church Choral Stoles

Choir stoles are liturgical vestments worn by choir members during religious services and concerts. They are typically made of cloth and are draped over the choir member's shoulders.

Choir stoles serve as a symbol of the choir member's role in leading the congregation in worship and praise. They may be embroidered with symbols and patterns that are meaningful to the church and the choir's denomination.

In some Christian traditions, choir stoles are worn with a cassock or choir robe, which is a type of long, fitted garment that covers the choir member's body. Together, the stole and cassock form a distinctive ensemble that signifies the choir member's role in the religious service.

Choir stoles may also be used to distinguish the choir from the congregation and to provide a unified appearance for the choir. They may be made in a variety of colors and styles, and may be personalized to match the choir's robes or other liturgical vestments.

Choir stoles serve as an outward sign of the choir member's commitment to serve the church through music and worship. They are a source of spiritual inspiration and are often passed down from generation to generation within a choir or religious order.

Choir gowns and stoles go hand in hand. They are one of the elements that bring the entire ceremony together, move your heart, and lift up your spirit. The choir is a powerful symbol of unity, one that can give you an ethereal feel.

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