Collection: International & Country Flag Graduation Stoles

Collection: International & Country Flag Graduation Stoles

International Flag Stoles can represent the country of origin for a student or the academic accomplishments of a student that has studied abroad. We stock more than 100 different country flag stoles. Whether you need a USA flag graduation stole or a Philippines flag stole, we have the country you need.

Flag stoles are a type of graduation stole that feature the colors and symbols of a particular country's flag. They are typically worn by graduates or other participants during graduation ceremonies, cultural events, or other patriotic celebrations.

Flag stoles serve as a symbol of national pride and as a reminder of the graduates' heritage. They may also be worn as a show of support for a particular country, or to celebrate the cultural diversity of the graduation class.

Flag stoles come in a variety of colors and designs, depending on the country being represented. They may be made of a variety of materials, including fabric, satin, or silk, and may feature the flag's colors and symbols embroidered or printed on the stole.

Wearing a flag stole during graduation is a way for graduates to show their patriotism and to celebrate their cultural heritage. It is also a way for them to use their graduation as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of cultural pride and the celebration of diversity.

Wear and celebrate your heritage by wearing one of our Country Flag Graduations Stoles with your country on it. If you studied abroad then celebrate your accomplishments wearing an international sash on your graduation day.

Whether you want to purchase our in-stock or custom Flag Graduation Stoles at we will help you purchase your flag stole today.

Whatever background you are from we know you have a huge sense of pride for your culture and heritage. At Stoles, our goal is to help you represent your culture and give you great memories on your graduation day!

Every International flag stole is produced with heavy bridal satin and measures 70" long by 5" wide.

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