Honor Cords Color Meaning

Honor Cords Color Meaning

What do graduation cords indicate?
Graduation cords indicate the student's or a group of student's achievement during graduation. It is the color of the cord that demonstrates the student's achievement in academics or even extra-curricular activities.

What's the maximum number of honor cords you can wear?
Students can wear an honor cord and even a stole/sash. Wearing a long cord and a stole/sash is common among students. They can wear them together as well. However, wearing more than one stole/sash is not a good idea.

What is the correct way to wear double cords on graduation?
Start by pulling the cords in opposite directions from each other until there is a knot approximately at the center of the strands. This knot is what is holding the two cords together. When you wear it over your shoulder, you have to place it so that the knot is at the back of your neck. The cords should rest on your shoulder during the graduation ceremony.

We will now answer some FAQs related to these cords to help you understand more about them.


How much GPA is needed to qualify for honor cords?
A student is considered to graduate with honors only when they have a cumulative GPA score of 3.5. The only other condition is when they earn a Cum Laude. Usually, Magna title requires even higher GPA. In the case of Summa cum laude, you will need a GPA score pretty close to 4.0. You should at least obtain a GPA score of 3.5 if you want to graduate with honors.

What does the blue cord indicate on high school graduation?
The royal blue honor cord indicates the seriousness of the student toward their academic responsibilities. It is also an indicator of the excellent skills of the recipient in the field of academics. This cord can also be awarded if the recipient displays extraordinary leadership, community service, or social science skills. It also increases the prestige of the graduation ceremony.

What does a red cord indicate on high school graduation?
The red graduation cord usually indicates that the recipient has completed a degree in public health, conservation, music, journalism, or other disciplines. There is also a deep cardinal red honor cord that indicates the recipient's association with various societies. However, the recipient won't get this red cord on association with society. You can get this cord from societies like Alpha Beta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Alpha, ASGA, and the Spanish National Honors Society.

What does a purple cord indicate on high school graduation?
The purple graduation cord is awarded for excellent achievements in the field of academics. It is often worn by individuals with prestigious positions in the educational system like deans, presidents of a college, faculty heads, etc. Apart from that, it might be associated with the membership of a club or society.

What does the pink cord indicate on high school graduation?
The pink cord signifies the creativity and the artistic acumen of the person wearing it. Usually, someone who has excelled in fine arts, medicine, mathematics, or chemistry might wear this cord. For example, Music Honor Society awards this rope to its most distinguished members. There are a few exceptions to this practice as well.

What is an honor stole and what does it indicate?
Honor stole is awarded by NSHSS. It indicates the superior academic skills of the student on which it is bestowed. Apart from academic achievements, it can also be awarded for leadership in volunteering skills. The student also gets the title of NSHSS Scholar in addition to the stole. The stole is usually bestowed upon the graduation gown of the student. In some cases, it can be accompanied by a medallion as well.

What do 2 gold cords indicate in graduation?
When two gold cords are bestowed upon the student, they can have different meanings. Usually, two gold cords are awarded when the student graduates with high honors. It means that all the students who get the title of being cum laude, summa cum lade, or magna cum laude are bestowed with two gold cords.

What a gold cord indicates in graduation?
The gold cord is the most popular in the graduation ceremony. A single gold cord indicates a higher GPA achieved by the student. It can also mean the membership of the national honor society or any other academic honor.

How to wear a tassel with a graduation cord?
Flip over the tassel and move the suspension cord up from the middle of the tassel head and pull it altogether. After that, pass the needle back through the head. The suspension cord should be tied together at both ends. The knot which thus forms would be under the tassel body. After this, your tassel is ready for wearing.

Does GPA 3.4 enough for honors?
A GPA of at least 3.0 is needed for the title of cum laude. Similarly, your class rank should be above 75th percentile. For magna title, your GPA should be a minimum of 3.4, and the rank should be above 85th percentile in your college or school.

Is it ok to wear own cords for the graduation ceremony?
Usually, schools don't require you to wear various stoles at the graduation ceremony. However, practically many students wear them to display their achievements during graduation. Not only that, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That is why; it is common practice for most students to wear their stoles.

Do students on Dean's list are bestowed with a cord?
You can only receive a cord for distinction and any other achievement while being on the Dean's list. The achievement, however, should be over the semester.

What do blue cords indicate during the graduation ceremony?
Blue cords are usually awarded for achievement on a personal level and participation. These cords can be awarded by universities, high schools, colleges, and middle schools.

What is a yellow graduation cord for?
Societies like Phi Sigma and Kappa Theta Epsilon often use yellow cords. The recipient has to excel in biological sciences and other fields of education to be the recipient of this cord. The recipient has to excel in the academic domain and the public domain to be the recipient of this cord.

What is a red graduation cord for?
The red cord is awarded to the recipient for displaying utmost strength, desire, vitality, and courage. The red color is symbolic of these behavioral traits, and that is why the red cord is awarded for extreme determination, willpower, and sacrifice.

How to earn a red cord on graduation?
Red cord is often awarded to students who donate blood at least three times, if not more, during their high school career. However, it is necessary to do so by May 15 or the last blood drive organized by the school or the university.

What does it mean if one gets a red, white, and blue graduation cord?
If someone is wearing red, white, and blue graduation cords during the graduation ceremony, it indicates their military service. The cords can be in an intricate design or simply worn over the neck. Both the cases show the same thing.

What do purple and white cords indicate?
The purple honor cord symbolizes independence, a bright future, and the creative traits of the recipient. On the other hand, the white coat signifies the purity of the recipient, the wholesome nature, and the fact that they are making a new beginning.

What is the significance of graduation cords?
Many students and parents who attend the graduation ceremony might not be clear about the significance of the graduation cords. However, each graduation cord denotes something different depending on its color. One thing is for sure is that a graduation cord indicates the association of the student with a significant organization or outstanding achievement in one domain or the other.

Due to this very reason, students often wear the graduation cords with pride because it indicates that they are unique and have achieved something worthwhile.

Does the National Honor Society provide a cord?
Yes, you can easily bag one through their authorized website. The cord can be the double gold or blue-gold double cord. If you want the charm along with it, you can obtain such a cord from the NHS website.

What is the meaning of various honor cord colors?
If you notice a pair of honor cords at the university in the school's color, it indicates that the student has graduated with honors. A single pair represents cum laude and a couple of pairs represent magna cum laude. Three pairs is an indication of summa cum laude. Apart from these, there are many other honor cords that might be due to the association of the student with a particular society or an act of bravery or excellence in a specific domain.
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