How to get a Graduation Stole

How to get a Graduation Stole

Are you graduating soon? And do you have outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements you want to proudly display on your special day? Worry no more, has a variety of custom-made graduation stoles and other useful accessories you can choose from to complement your look.

Graduation Stole Definition
Also known as graduation sashes, graduation stoles are meant for wearing around your neck on your graduation day. They are used to highlight your various achievements and memberships throughout your academic journey. Because of their diversity, stoles for graduation come in various colors, and are mostly decorated with logos or unique designs to represent your specific achievements or partnerships. However, it is not a must for graduates to wear graduation sashes. But even so, most of them prefer displaying their colorful custom graduation stoles as a way of highlighting their academic and extracurricular accomplishments to their family and friends.

For instance, when it comes to high school graduation ceremonies, key personalities such as the salutatorians, commencement speakers, and valedictorians mainly wear their stoles to proudly indicate their current academic standing among their peers. Graduates, on the other hand, may choose to wear stoles to show solidarity to their various extracurricular activities memberships. From debate, science to drama clubs, the list may vary from school to school.

Some good news though, did you know that you can still wear a stole even if you didn’t participate in any club? Yes, you heard right. You can still present yourself uniquely using a cultural stole on your graduation day, and no one will prevent you from doing it.

Proudly representing your heritage on your big day is such an amazing idea, right? If this sounds like something you would want to do, you can customize your graduation sash with different colors to represent your country’s flag or specific heritage significance.

Away from that, when it comes to colleges and universities, graduates are also allowed to wear stoles to indicate support/connection to clubs, sororities, fraternities and other academic societies they were part of. If a student didn’t belong to any of the stated categories, they can still wear graduation stole with unique colors to represent their particular field of study.

What’s the Meaning of the Various Stole Colors?
Now that you already know that stoles may feature different colors, here is the meaning of each color:

DARK BLUE - Philosophy & Political Science

LIGHT BLUE - Education

BEIGE - Business

BROWN- Fine Arts & Architecture

GRAY - Agriculture & Veterinary Science

GREEN - Medicine, Pharmacy, & Physical Education

ORANGE - Engineering

PINK - Music


Can I pair my Graduation Stole with a Graduation Cord?
Yes, you can. If for instance you’re a loyal member of various clubs or have multiple academic achievements that you would want to proudly display on your graduation day, it’s possible to pair your graduation sash with graduation cords.

But First…

What does graduation cords mean?
Popularly referred to as graduation honor cords, these cords are used to signify your membership to various sororities, fraternities, and honor societies. Also, some universities award some graduates who graduated summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude with graduation cords. Generally, these feature multiple cords, something that’s not the case with standard stoles.

Where can I Customize my Graduation Stole?
The answer is simple. You can customize your graduation sash at See, we understand how important your graduation day is to you. Therefore, we do our best to ensure we offer you value for your money. Whether you’re ordering in bulk for your students, or a few graduation accessories for your child, we are here and ready to serve you. Feel free to contact us or email Stoles for customized stoles and cords. We work with you from scratch to ensure you get exactly what you want. We are ready, and well experienced to assist you to pick your graduation accessories hassle-free!

Can Anyone Wear a Graduation Stole?
As already mentioned earlier, for high school and college graduations, it is a few selected students who get to wear stoles of different colors highlighting their academic/extracurricular activities. Other honored participants also get to wear the most outstanding stoles.

However, you can wear graduation stole to represent your culture, something that’s acceptable across the world. For example, most African descent graduates tend to wear the Kente stoles whose origin is Ghana as a way of proudly representing their heritage, and celebrating their ability to overcome obstacles and reach for success.
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