How to wear your Graduation Stole and Sash

How to wear your Graduation Stole and Sash

Graduation day is not only one of the important days in your educational career but also plays a vital role forever in your life. Hence, even the smallest the smallest graduation accessory should be given the right amount of respect. Say for example – How to Wear Graduation Sashes and Stoles?

And, we at Stoles take your trivial questions very seriously. Our commitment is to make you presentable on your graduation day. Your entire family members, friends, relatives will be clicking pictures, and surely, the attire and you should perfectly complement each other on that encouraging occasion.

Stole or Sash – What Exactly is the Difference?
Your graduation attire will be incomplete if we do not speak about sashes or stoles – the two different words with the same meaning. The main purpose of any stole or sash is to enhance your persona and make you stand out from the group of other students.

There are various types of graduation stoles to choose from!

A sash or a stole is a long piece of designer fabric that is placed on your shoulders to give you that attractive look.

Every stole or sash can come in various colors and carry an intrinsic meaning attached to it:

• Sometimes it represents your academic program (not always)

• Some students might depict their cultural heritage

• Many of the students might get the stoles or sash imprinted with the Greek letters of the community or organization (fraternity) that they belong to.

• To honor any family member that had been very important in your life, you can choose the stole or sash accordingly.

Nowadays, there are certain guidelines issued by some of the colleges concerning stoles or sashes. You can customize a stole of your liking with lots of colors to choose from!

Graduation Stoles/Sashes – How To Wear It?
Now comes the most exhilarating part of the graduation attire – Stoles/Sashes

The first step is to hold your stole/sash in front of you with the letters/symbols facing away from you.

Now, slowly place the stole over your head and comfortably put it on your shoulder.

Reconfirm that both the sides are evenly adjusted i.e. one side should not be longer than the other side.

Take a normal walk inside the room to confirm the stole is not slipping off the shoulders. If required, you can use a bobby pin to give it the desired sturdiness.

Graduation Stole/Sash – How To Clean It?
Despite taking utmost care of your stole, sometimes they can get dirty.

And especially if this happens before the actual day of the graduation it can be highly frustrating. Nothing to worry about – just wash your stole/sash in cold water. And dry it with steam iron!
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