International and Study Abroad Sashes

Going the extra mile to obtain a better education deserves to be celebrated with pride. Showcase it with a customized International Graduation Stole!

Studying abroad or being an exchange student may be cool because you get to live in great cities, but it is not easy to be so far away from home.

On your Graduation day, show off your pride and give homage to your homeland by imprinting them on your Stoles!

  • With different colors to choose from, you can choose the ones that can represent your country.

  • You can customize it with a flag to showcase your nationality.

  • Fast, efficient and reliable shipping service guaranteed!

Are you ready to make your graduation stole!

Create your own Stole

Why buy your study abroad stole from us? allows you to freely customize your international graduation stole or study abroad sash in many different ways. Choose between different colors, trims, length and cut. Plus, you can get your own art (be it a colorful logo or flag) imprinted on your Stole to show off your cultural and ethnic roots that you are always proud of.


We have been in the business of providing high quality stoles and sashes with custom embroidery, screen printing, custom transfers for over 8 years. We use only the finest heavyweight bridal satin for all our stoles and every stole is fully lined whether it is in stock or a custom order.

Our customer base of graduation and religious stoles includes all greek and fraternal organizations, colleges, universities and church organizations such as choirs and clergy. Our custom stole generator will make it easy for you to create the design and look you want. Be creative and build your custom stole any way you would like, you can now build your custom sash anyway you like.