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Descending Dove Confirmation Stole

Descending Dove Confirmation Stole

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Descending Dove Confirmation Stole

  • Felt Fabric
  • Red Descending Dove is 6 inches in length
  • 92 inches in total length 
  • Slanted edged tip
  • Shape made to fit for all body types
  • Perfect keepsake for Confirmation commemoration

    The Descending Dove Confirmation Stole is a type of stole that is often worn by confirmands during the confirmation ceremony in some Christian denominations. It features a design of a descending dove, which is a powerful symbol in Christianity representing the Holy Spirit.

    The stole is typically made of high-quality fabric such as satin or silk, and it is often decorated with the descending dove design in various ways, such as embroidery, applique, or printing. The dove may be depicted in various colors, including white, gold, or blue, and may be surrounded by other symbols such as flames, crosses, or stars.

    The significance of the Descending Dove Confirmation Stole lies in its representation of the Holy Spirit, which is an integral part of the confirmation ceremony. In many Christian traditions, confirmation is considered a sacrament in which the confirmand receives the gift of the Holy Spirit, which empowers them to live a life of faith and serve others.

    Wearing the Descending Dove Confirmation Stole during the ceremony is a way for the confirmand to acknowledge and celebrate this gift of the Holy Spirit, as well as to express their commitment to their faith and their new status as a full member of the church.

    In addition to its religious significance, the Descending Dove Confirmation Stole can also serve as a cherished keepsake or memento of the confirmation ceremony. Many people choose to keep their stoles as a reminder of this important event in their lives, and some even pass them down to future generations.

    Overall, the Descending Dove Confirmation Stole is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of the Holy Spirit's presence in the lives of those who receive it during the confirmation ceremony. Its design and significance make it a fitting and memorable accessory for the confirmand to wear on this special occasion.

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    S. Hampton

    We needed this for Confirmation Sunday. Awesome!


    Very nice quality for very nice price.

    Mylo M. Humphreys

    Just what we needed.

    S. Mcdaniel

    Really loved it.

    B G.

    Looks just like in the pictures. Thanks!